This is for the 'SHAKERS' in the world. Ya know those kinda people that like to get things done? The kinda people who don't take 'No' for an answer. Yea, this is for them. 


WRLD+PRO Features

Where to begin? Well, first of all, the WRLD+PRO membership is nothing to sneeze at. This is where you take everything you've got and give it the boost it needs to move your brand from good to great! We will help you grow your brand, build your networks and increase you ability to convert lookers into engaged supporters.

WRLD+PRO includes all features from previous tiers.

Custom Brand Landing Page
Make your shop stand out with a customized landing page. This is a great way to showcase important highlights for your brand, add community info, and place links to other sites where your brand lives (twitter, insta, etc.). Of course we will add all your shop links to the landing page so people can grab something nice to send to grandma. If you're looking to truly stand out, this is the way to do it!

Custom Shop Categories
With most of today's shopping happening online it is crucial to make it easy. With custom shop categories we can tailor your shop to your niche, which provides a much smoother user experience for people browsing your shop. This is also a stepping stone into other areas of marketing your shop with our tools below.

Coupon Codes
Let's face it, people never like to pay full price for things anymore, especially when shopping online. We got you covered. We can create as many coupon codes as you need to help your community members pull the trigger. We can also schedule expirations, limit them to specific sub-collections (see shop categories above), or simply make a blanket code for your VIP supporters.

Custom Product Bundles
Let's make some magic! Want to offer value to your community while also increasing your overall average-order-value (AOV)? Enter product bundles. We will help you create the bundles, even have it displayed on the individual product pages for your community to see the value of bundling and saving. These are a great way to showcase different variants, or matching sets of items.

Custom Sales Funnels
Have you ever added an item to your shopping cart in an online store, then an offer was presented to you? Maybe it was a BOGO, or a bundle, or something similar. This is where we get to show you some greatness while building up your brand. With sales funnels we will help you tailor your community's shopping experience to offer value when they least expect it. Perhaps get a free sticker pack when a branded shirt is added to their cart, or maybe a bundled starter pack is presented. The sky is the limit and we will help you get there with tailored funnels that present your shop in a way that no one else can.

Handmade Items
We have an elite selection of handmade items for our WRLD+PRO members to add to their shops. These garments are sublimated which allows for an 'All-Over'Print' or AOP. They are then cut and sewn by hand to size. There is a wide variety of handmade items to choose from. Want the best? This is for you.

All members of the WRLD+PRO plan receive 60% of the profits on any item sold from your custom branded shop. This does not include gift cards.