The 'MOVERS' of the world belong here. You got a shop, you got some swag to peddle. Let's get moving!


Let's do it! There is much more to opening an online shop than meets the eye. This is where we can help. The WRLD+ membership includes everything that our WRLD-FREE plan has to offer, and much more.

WRLD+ Features

Complete Catalog
Not only can you add any item to your shop that is available in our URWRLD Customs tool, but now you have access to the complete collection of customizable items.* This includes Champion branded items, embroidered items, All-Over-Print (AOP) items, custom shoes, bags, tumblers, accessories, and anything we add in the future.

Digital Goods
Now this is where the fun begins. Ever heard of emotes? Do you create your own? Want to sell Graphic Design services without the need for constant back and forth? Now you can truly take a leap forward with your own digital goods sales. From emotes, to overlays, even design fees, anything goes.** We will distribute any digital goods you create directly from your shop. Your customers can download them immediately after purchase.

Branded Gift Cards
Ever have the idea to start a giveaway, but not sure what you wanted to actually give away? We got you covered with custom branded gift cards. We will help you create a unique gift card that you are able to offer in your shop***. These are great for growing your brand, as well as helping to build an awesome reputation with your community.

QR Codes
Snail mail is still around, but let's be honest, it's not great for much of anything except bills. Enter the QR code. While QR codes are nothing new, they are an amazing tool to market your brand. We can create a unique QR code for your shop and this can be placed just about anywhere. Think, social pages, twitch panels, printed on a business card, etc. The sky is the limit here.

All members of the WRLD+ plan receive 50% of the profits on any item sold from your custom branded shop. This does not include gift cards.

* The complete collection of customizable items excludes any and all 'handmade' products. Handmade items are only available with a WRLD+PRO membership.

** We can only sell material or digital goods that you own the copyright for. If you have questions, contact us.

*** Gift cards are a form of tender that can be used only on Wizzle World. They are not restricted to any one shop. Custom branded gift cards can be used to buy any material or digital good, including those from other shop owners.