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How it all works for Streamers

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First off, you're here. That's an excellent start. Now let's simplify everything for you so you can get back to building your brand and/or community. We offer you an opportunity to take your brand, company, and influence to the next level.

Sure you have options within streaming software, or streaming alerts platforms - but do you know how much they are taking with little to no effort on their part? What if we told you the average tee sells for anywhere between $20-27 USD. Did you also know that most of the streaming merch companies will take $3-10 from each tee sale?


Do we have your attention yet?



Step 1 Do you have a logo? Do you have content that you want on a tee? Maybe you have a set of emotes you want as stickers. Send us the files and we can get started. The bigger the file the better. We recommend at least a 6000x6000 pixel image to get the best results. If you want to take it a step further, make sure the DPI (dots per inch) are 300 or higher on the file.

Don't have any of this, let us know so we can help you get the best possible design for your needs. We have multiple designers available to assist, and we can generally have a logo turned around fairly quickly. Not sure what you want to do, let us know that too and we can help guide you.




Step 2 Once we have the logo or creative content, we takeover from here. We can print your content on just about anything and the best part is, you will keep all the profits from branded merch sales! No strings attached here. Once we have the items all setup we will send you a link to your shop. All items currently offered in the shop are available for you to customize so if you are not sure what you want, we can setup a basic set of merch options for you initially and help you make changes from there. 




Step 3 Really there is no step three. It's just here to let you know that the hard part is done and the fun part begins. This portion of the journey is all about marketing your brand. Spread the word on stream, add a chat bot timer with your store link, tweet, share, meme, whatever floats your boat. This story is yours to tell. If you need help with this, we can do that too. Questions, just ask.


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