URWRLD replaced Wizzle World in 2022. You can read about it here.

Wizzle World

This isn't going to be long. Wizzle World is a community, a place, a platform, a home. We offer an area for streamers, gamers, artists, content creators, and anyone who needs help to collaborate and grow together.

In today's world there are givers and takers. We have been victim to the takers many times in life, so we decided to do something about it. During the pandemic of 2020 Wizzle World was founded by wizz1er. This is key and important to realize that this place, OURWRLD is not him; it is bigger, better, and beyond him.

Who we are is what we do for others. If you want to learn more, want to help, or simply want to participate then join our discord community. New members are joining regularly and this is a place to collaborate, help others, as well as banter about anything you want.





Our community is what defines us. We are a place that welcomes all. While in the beginning it was merch that brought us together, there is so much more we have to offer. We help you find your niche, create and develop your brand and then some. What began as a hobby has evolved into passion.

We want the best for everyone who joins our community. We will do everything in our power to help you get started, get moving, or get going. If we can't help you the best, but someone else in our community is a better resource for you, you can trust that we will get you connected with them as quickly as humanly possible.

We Love Our Community

We have so many talented people among us that is hard to not feel a little taken back by their work. From streamers, to artists, to musicians, to parents. We are worldwide as well. We have members from almost every continent which is an amazing thing in and of itself.

If you are just starting something new, beit a brand, a stream, a designer portfolio, our community can help. We can help you figure out what you want to achieve, perhaps setup a merch store to supplement your existing brand, or sell your creative services through a shop online. To be quite honest, the sky is the limit here. If you are interested in learning more, or just want to get started head over to our registration page and join our discord to get started.