We've Been Busy.

Whoa. What a few months it's been. Without getting into all the nitty gritty, to say the least, we've been busy. 

Wizzle World has grown nearly double in size since our last blog post, which you need to check out if you haven't yet. You can read about it here. We have welcomed several new shop owners, some of which are veterans in their field; while others are just getting started. I am happy to say that we are proud to welcome people from a total of seven nations around the world and now have a zero sunset. This means nothing unless you come from a support or global telecommunications background, but it's pretty cool.

So what's next? Work. We plan to continue welcoming new shop owners from around the world, as well as help them get setup and get going. Once we finish our #100get100 campaign, we will pause all new enrollments and assist each and every shop owner who needs help with marketing and branding of their shops. Can't say too much more about that now, but we think we've got some great plans and hope you'll be here to see them.

In other news, I met an awesome photographer this morning who goes by the name of Thurein Kyaw. A particular photo caught my eye with brilliant colors, amazing perspective and a touch of Wizzle World in it. I messaged the photographer asking permission to post it, and I'm happy to share a few pieces here. You can check out more beautiful photos on Instagram.

To wrap up our post today we wanted to thank everyone who has joined our world, as well as anyone who has supported one of our shop owners. They truly are the heart of Wizzle World and anyone who says otherwise can bite me.

- wizz1er