Top 8 Tips On Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a business owner or a content creator, social media marketing is almost the most important thing that you must perfect. As technology advances, we need to advance with it. Experimenting with different techniques will help you as marketer find the best strategies.

How do you achieve getting a bigger audience? What is the best way to reach your audience? Here are the top 8 tips on using social media to your advantage.

Research your target markets

Not everyone is going to be interested in your content. Think of it this way, not everyone is interested in Apple products, Android, Samsung or even as simple as Doritos. So, who is your target audience? If you’re a Call of Duty content creator your target audience is going to be those who play or are interested in that content. If your content is Apex game play, sometimes Call of Duty audiences aren’t interested in that content. Simplifying your target audience is taking a step deeper where you make sure those people interested in your content see your product. So instead of your target audience is Call of Duty, you put it on a smaller scale and specifically target snipers in Call of Duty. Pinpointing this audience is going to give you better results because as more people see your content it will lead to more people seeing it through interactions (liking, comments, shares).

What social media platform should you use?

When you identify what your target audience is, the next step is what platform is going to reach that audience. One of the best platforms that we are seeing is TikTok. So many content creators are seeing more growth on it than any other social media. They are perfecting the platform. Every hashtag, key words, and everything they use is drawing more people to their content. When you perfect the platform that you are on, that’s when you will see your content grow. Work smarter not harder.


Post often! The more people see the more likely they are going to want to buy or see more. Using a content calendar is going to help you with consistency. Knowing what and when to post will help you as well as your audience. They will then know what to expect from you.

Using the right content

Is it videos or images that are capturing your audience? YouTube shorts, Instagram shorts, YouTube videos or TikTok videos on how to use the product or whatever you are doing is very important. Catering to your audience in any marketing will help you increase your views, website visits, returning customers, etc.


Not only do you have to know where your target audience is but how are you going to deliver the information? Average attention span for ads are 30 seconds. Make 30 seconds that grab the consumers attention. If you can’t gain their attention within 2-3 seconds, they aren’t going to continue the rest of the 30 seconds. Click baiting is a very popular form of people getting views. It’s mainly seen in YouTube content, it is a very effective tactic if it isn’t over used. Start with an interesting phrase that draws them in that captures the video or product.


There are many editor tools that are free that give you everything you need. Canva is very popular because it gives you templates for almost every social media platform. These templates allow you to edit with the form of social media in mind. You don’t have to worry about if the measurement is right. Of course there are paid editors as well that you can use.


TikTok and Twitter is the best places to experiment on hashtags. Hashtags can help you reach more of your target audience. TikTok when you go to use a hashtag shows you how many views that those specific ones have reached in searches. #Fyp has billions of views alone. Be careful with hashtags, sometimes instead of helping broaden the audience it decreases the view counts. The most hashtags you should use is no more than 5. Many people make the mistake of using most of the character count as hashtags and not unique personal text. This distracts the viewer from the key message of the post. A wall of hashtags isn’t the best to look at and viewers would like to hear what you have to say more than hashtag usage. Which leads to people thinking its spam and just looks like there is no effort into the post or content.


Featuring @soandso and @suchandsuch #SquadWipeSunday #gxogaming #gamerlove #playapex

Which looks more appealing to you?


Some advertisements work very well and can reach more of the target audience you want. Many platforms have specialized advertisements and targeting features to hit your target audience. A very popular platform that has this is Facebook. Have you ever heard people say that Facebook is listening to them? Facebook has a setting specifically with specialized ads. This means that you allow Facebook to pull information from certain apps and it records how long you are on a post and if you like or comment on the post. This is to provide consumers with ads that they are interested in, and in return helps businesses or content creators reach them. So, they may not be actually listening to your voice, but what you search for is put into their records. TikTok is another app that uses target features for ads. If you search for certain topics, they are more likely going to show you ads that are within that subject. Ads are an experimental thing, if you do it right it can take your business or content to another level. Try new things with this, see what works and what doesn’t.

Digital marketing is very important to businesses, especially when social media and television makes up the majority of people’s time. Social media is evolving and as a business so should you.

I know that there are some things in my digital marketing that I can improve on. But as we learn we can adjust and continue doing what works. Mistakes are necessary, we can turn those mistakes into lessons and can come back stronger and smarter.

I would like to challenge you, what are the things you can do better? What do you do that works? What doesn’t?

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