The world is yours.

Wizzle World is now URWRLD.

Wow what a ride it has been. We have been constantly growing and had the honor of working with so many great people and learned so much. So why the change?

Well, the biggest reason for the change is to broaden our image a bit as we have a rather diverse audience currently. We primarily work with content creators, however our one-on-one consult model allows us to work with many other groups. This past year we've also assisted small business owners in multiple fields, created team uniforms, spirit wear for schools, and more. This is excellent, but it also means its time to consider our own image again.

We chose the trade name "URWRLD" which is simple, modern and applicable to everything that we do here. Our goal is to help you solve a problem with the resources we have available. Want to setup a shop? No problem. Need 10 shirts for a field trip? We can do that too. The point is we have outgrown the single track image of Wizzle World and it was the right time to change things up.

All change is good. Not all change is easy.

Tell us what you think of the changes. Love it? Hate it? Don't care?