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Let's talk about growth and development. Most learning happens from experience, but sometimes you need a bit of a framework to get a little bit more out of it. Let's go back in time for a sec. Remember the days when you could barely stand up? How about the countless hours on end you held on tightly to the couch cushions or dining room chairs as you attempted to separate yourself from these objects and walk around your house without holding on? Don't remember? No worries, I don't either. The point is, we often need countless hours of hands on experience of trial and error to learn anything well enough to feel confident in it. 

Now, let's shift gears to streaming, specifically live streaming as a content creator. This niche is widening quite a bit thanks to the pandemic of 2020. More and more people have decided to take the plunge into the world of content creation and many of these individuals get stuck somewhere in there journey. This is normal, and happens just about everywhere in life - though, it can be demoralizing at times when you feel like you don't know what to do or how to move forward successfully. Remember, countless hours of experience? This doesn't necessarily mean they're all glamorous moments.

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As a child learns to walk, they often have real world examples to mimic. That said, this can not be further from the truth in some fields of world. As it relates to streaming, sometimes it looks so easy, so effortless, yet cannot be easily mimicked. This is large in part to the quantity of effort that is required behind the scenes or leading up to a live stream. Production quality is often directly correlated with the quality of preparation.

What do I do then? Well, this answer differs slightly for everyone. However, there are people and organizations that offer help, and in many cases do so at no cost to the streamer. 

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Streamer Growth School (SGS) is a great example of this. Their website offers a plethora of tools, resources and information to help streamers get more out of their content and more out of themselves. 

SGS offers a safe place to learn the basics, dive deeper, and even hear from experienced streamers about the world of streaming. The platform is exactly what many would ask for when diving into this industry for the first time. The SGS Blog offers tips, tricks and ultra-specific tutorials on how to do many things behind the scenes.

SGS also hosts the Streamer Growth School Podcast with their founder Tyler Smith. This is a great place to hear from industry professionals, keep up to date, as well as find inspiration for yourself. 

The most powerful tool that we've seen in a long time for streamers is the Random Question Generator for Streamers. The most common challenge a new streamer faces is how to constantly talk to chat. The reality is that this task is no easy one. SGS built this tool with one idea in mind, always have something to talk about with your audience.

The Random Question Generator is so amazingly simple, yet so powerful that it ought be used by world leaders. Though, that is a totally different discussion. With the click of a button you have a brand new, random topic of discussion. You can even set it to automatically change the question at preset timed intervals  so you don't have to click the button while live streaming. Sometimes less work is better.

We recently had an opportunity to interview the founder of SGS, Tyler Smith. We wanted to dive a little bit deeper into SGS and learn about the company, the people behind it, and just plain get to know them. You can find the interview as well as SGS information below. 

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Streamer Growth School Podcast

Who is Tyler Smith? What do you want people to know about you that might not be on your website?

Most people from the SGS website know that I stream and enjoy video games, but I’m also an avid cyclist. I love riding bicycles, and wish more people would ride their bike. There’s something glorious about being outside, getting some light exercise, and cruising on a bicycle. I enjoy it so much that I once went with a buddy for a week-long bike ride to Mexico to enjoy some delicious tacos. It was 500 grueling miles, but the tacos tasted so good.

You started streaming with a good friend in 2020. Tell me a little bit about that relationship.

I started streaming with a buddy during the COVID-19 pandemic, because so many of my social activities were put on pause. He’s been one of my best friends since high school, and is the funniest guy I know. We wanted to hang out, play video games, and try our hand at streaming. It’s been one year now doing our co-stream, and it’s been an absolute blast.

What were some unexpected things that have taken place between the time you started streaming and now?

The surprising thing for me when I started streaming was how much I enjoyed building a community. I thought when I started the focus would be on getting wins and displaying my incredible gaming skills. But in reality, the surprising thing about streaming is that the focal point is relationships. While having great content is key at the end of the day, having a relationship with your viewers is what sets you apart from a YouTube video.

I have really enjoyed the community aspect of streaming, and I’m still figuring it out, but it’s been a fun journey to be on.

What is Streamer Growth School's 'elevator pitch'?

Guiding people to develop as streamers, build their community, and create incredible content.

What tools and resources are available to visitors of SGS?

I’m really proud of the random question generator tool that I put together. One of the things I found was that many new streamers struggle with talking while they’re live. They’re unsure of what to say or talk about. While I can’t put words in their mouth - this tool automatically spits out questions for a streamer to answer and talk with their chat about.

How do you see the SGS Podcast in a year, two years, final form?

I have a few streamers that I really enjoy watching who I would love to come on. The focus point of the podcast is hearing about a streamer’s individual journey of streaming. How did they get started? What did they learn along the way? What surprised them about streaming?

My hope is that I can continue to bring on successful streamers to hear their story and learn from in the years to come.

What is your perspective on the meta of live streaming currently in Q3 2021?

Most of the world was on lockdown or sheltering in place last year due to the pandemic. More people than ever started watching streamers and becoming streamers. I believe we’ll see more streamers stop streaming, because as the world continues to open up, they’ll have other responsibilities.

What role do you see SGS playing in 2022 and beyond?

I’d love to develop a very practical step by step video course to help guide individuals through the basics of streaming and growing a channel. I’ve got the framework built out, but need to spend the time creating the videos. Lots of work to do!

Do you have any advice for someone reading this that is considering getting started now in the world of streaming?

There’s no shortcuts to streaming. Be realistic with your expectations and enjoy the journey. It’s ok to want to grow and have more viewers - but it will require hard work and intentionality.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Streaming can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Don’t worry about fame and fortune at the beginning. Focus on crafting excellent content and getting to know your viewers.

Tyler Smith