Rest In Power Biz!

Biz Markie

Today is a sad day for a whole lot of people. I'm not going to rewrite what many others have already shared, but I will say that my teenage years were heavily inspired by the work of the Biz! I always wanted to DJ, but never in my wildest dreams could I live up to the legend. 

Today we are going to do something a little different and celebrate the life of Biz Markie, as well as help the youth around the world. In partnership with Skelin Designs we are launching a tribute series titled "The "Biz Markie" Collection". We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to support the youth of the future through music. We have selected Education Through Music to donate to, in hopes that we can make an impact on tomorrow through their organization. 

Education Through Music (ETM) partners with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children, and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school and self-confidence.

Biz Markie 

We Remember

The world shares our grief and many have taken to social media to show their respects. Here are just a few posts that caught our attention: 

"Biz built me man. In my early early stages it was Biz who taught me the REAL places to cop records….Biz taught me what cities had good digging…..Biz taught me where to collect 45s……Biz taught me where to collect 8TRACK TAPES!!…. Biz “tried” to get me into Star Wars action figure collecting…..Biz taught me where in Tokyo I should go to collect vintage iron on decals….Biz would call me zero in the mornin “aye aye aye Quest I bet you Dunno the sample that (name song) comes from (2am: “uh….I give up”) (Biz plays the sample: “aight Biz I hear it what’s the sample?” Biz: “ha h ahhh ha ha TOLD YOU YOU AINT KNOW QUEST” *click* 🥺) …….Biz got a lunchbox collection? I GOT A LUNCHBOXIER collection…….Biz got a weird turntable?…..I got a weirder turntable…..——-the only thing I could one up Biz on was Soul Train (“aye Quest I got James Brown doing Funky President AND Funky Drummer in the SAME EPISODE!!!!”——-Biz there is no such episode…”I bet chu I got it!!!!!!!!!!!”)

Biz is the reason I had to get a farm. All the friggin “one upping” game he and I played over the last decade.This cat was one in a million. I’ll never forget my first time at #NerdProm during O’s first term & Biz was the dj & i asked him “what’s the Wobble”——BIZ loved getting you if you weren’t up on something——especially a know it all like me—-“AYE VAUGHN he don’t know The Wobble!!!!” (Whole crew eye rolling me….he plays it & I never seen a black song transform an entire room of suits—the press/White House staff/even Rachel Maddow ran from behind her bar (she was serving drinks) & got down. He taught me ALOT. Im using ALL the education he taught me. We will miss him. But he will be here forever. Love you Biz" - Questlove Instagram Post


"I can remember so many times trying to beat box like you until my lips was sore & whenever we saw each other your energy was always so full of Life/Love/& Good Vibes. Your impact in the culture Is 4EVER & you will NEVER be Forgotten Rest king @BizMarkie" - Missy Elliot Tweet


"All of my love to the one of a kind bringer of love and joy, the great Biz Markie. I will bang his records til the day I die and my heart will rejoice. I love you Biz." - Flea Tweet


"Some of the greatest/wildest dj sets I've ever witnessed...responsible for so many classic tunes--mind blowingly inventive music. And just a beautiful spirit. Rest in power" - Mark Ronson Tweet


"My close friend Bizmarkie.. Is gone at 57.. We shared a tour bus our very 1st tour ‘The Dope Jam Tour’ @LegendaryCOOLV, TJSwan.. We were all so young and hype. Enjoy every single moment of life with your friends and family. “Life is Short” via RunDMC" - Ice T Tweet


"We lost another Rap legend Mr. Biz Markie, an American rapper, singer, DJ, record producer, actor, comedian, and writer. He's best known for his 1989 single "Just a Friend"! To a lot of us he was more than Just a Friend. R.I.P. Prayers going out to the family & friends. Bootsy" - Bootsy Collins Tweet


"RIP to my friend and music legend Biz Markie.  A DJ, rapper, and producer Biz Markie really knew how to rock a party! Cookie and I will never forget when he came to our 25th anniversary event in Europe and kept everyone on the dance floor!" - Magic Johnson Tweet


"My prayers and condolences go out to the family of the iconic Biz Markie. Much love brotha" - Martin Lawrence Tweet


"Rest in perfection! #bizmarkie was my muse! Met him at big hip hop party in mannyhatty back in the day! What tight bro!" - John Leguizamo Tweet


"I’m Gonna miss my friend @BizMarkie and his unique comic hip hop genius. I directed this music video for @TheRealKoolGRap in 90, “Erase Racism” that featured @bigdaddykane & BIZ sings the chorus making us smile & think about just how stupid racism really is." - Fab 5 Freddy Tweet