Project: VNNA

VNNA Hoodie

The story behind the VNNA hoodie design and collaboration between Wizzle World and GXO. Prior to release this project was titled "CODENAME: G/XO".


The beginning of this was a passion and love for the blockbuster hit game APEX Legends. GXO wanted to show love for the game without copying it's artwork directly and release something totally different into the fashion and gaming industry.

The research began.


I started to dive into the design of the skin in game and understand it more. I was impressed to learn that this particular design was more than just skin-deep. (PUN intended)

Bloodhound in Road Warrior Skin

The Road Warrior Bloodhound Skin might be one of the coolest skins in Apex Legends. The skin draws its own inspiration from the classic film Mad Max 2, though it offers a different vibe from the film with its aesthetically inspired motorsports attire look. The slick black jumpsuit is accented by red straps and is decorated with various nods to the Bloodhound character.

The letters VNNA appear prominently on the skin, in reference to the way Bloodhound says "win" in some of the voice lines. "Bloodhound" is also written in Japanese underneath. Other Japanese markings on the skin include "chichi no me" (eye of the father) on the left collar in reference to their Tactical, "tracker" on the helmet and "ryoushi" (hunter) on the right shoulder.

Bloodhound Fan Art by JEL

The Design

When creating this piece it was imperative to understand what to add and what to omit to truly achieve the overall vision for the project. How do we create a design that is a true crossover without sacrificing quality and without infringing on trademarks.

GXO stands for "Gamer Love" which is the mantra of the GXO community. The brand stands for this and supports the gaming community in various ways. This is important to understand as this mantra is infused in the piece, just about everywhere. You can learn more about GXO in their community discord. You can also shop their apparel line here.

A problem I faced with the design was what to exclude. There were facets of the original piece I wanted to draw inspiration from, though much of the original piece was eventually omitted as it just did not fit well.
Let's begin with what remained: "VNNA" is the iconic chest plate and back piece to the skin's body armor. This was modified slightly to fit into the GXO branding, however this is the only piece that was included from the original work.
I attempted to pay homage to the original designers by adding the "GMR-XO" tag which is directly inspired by the classification "BLD-HND" which is shown on the original piece. Additionally, a similar nod was added to the sleeves in a broad and bold variant of the typeface.
The noticeable red accents were not included as they did not fit into the overall concept of the GXO piece; thus the decision was made to exclude them from the final design.
The hood showcases the tag "G/XO" also inspired by the "B1/D" tag above the word "Tracker". This is small but still prominent enough to visually identify it from a short distance. 
GXO Presents: Limited Edition VNNA Hoodie - frontGXO Presents: Limited Edition VNNA Hoodie - back
Finally, the markings were tough to finalize as there was not an easy way to recreate them without blatantly plagiarizing the piece. I opted to use a reduction and landed on the final banding you see. The lower back of the hoodie has a smaller banding that shows a bit more details and uses finer lines. 

The Garment

This hoodie is crafted from a premium polyester and spandex blend, making it both comfortable and durable. Each panel is individually printed, cut and sewn by hand to ensure a flawless graphic with no imperfections. The high definition printing makes it a staple hoodie for all wardrobes. 
The hoodie is one from our handmade product options available to our WRLD+PRO and WRLD+LGND members. 
Overall, this was a truly inspiring project to complete and I am very excited to have worked with GXO on its creation. You can purchase the GXO Presents:  Limited Edition VNNA Hoodie here.
- wizz1er
Artwork created by wizz1er. Bloodhound Fan Art by JEL