OURWRLD Giveaway

Get ready for something new. We are excited to share this one. We hope you are too, but first let's recap the first leg of our journey thus far:

  • We opened our platform for business.
  • We signed up our first shop
  • We opened 20 shops for business
  • We learned how to create ultra specific merch products
  • We made friends all around the world
  • Worldwide friendships = Successful Collaborations
  • We learned worldwide shipping isn't easy
  • We learned that worldwide is a priority for us
  • We decided sustainable suppliers are a must
  • We found a love for creation
  • We started focusing on our shops vs. ourselves
  • We added over 250 products to our shops
  • We sent hundreds of tweets recognizing our shop owners
  • We created stream alerts for our shop owners
  • We learned that we are just getting warmed up. 


With all of that we decided to launch our very first giveaway as a platform. One lucky winner will receive {{ prize.super_secret. }} We are saying much but you have until the end of February 28, 2020 to enter for your chance to win! We hope you follow along on our amazing journey. Here's to a successful community!