Early Access And Beyond.


Wow, what a year so far! We have welcomed so many wonderful people into our community. We have curated custom designed shops all over the world. We currently have shop owners on nearly every continent around the world. We have started building the framework for a dynamic community driven experience around design work. We went completely carbon neutral. We went digital. We also dipped our toes in the water of educational experiences

All of this is absolutely surreal, and we are only just beginning. All good chapters progress the story, and we are doing the same. We have an announcement to make to everyone:


Early Access is coming to a close.


We are nearing our capacity of 100 early access members. However there is still a little room for a few more shops. We will be closing the doors for all registration on June, 30 2021. At that point in time we will be focusing on building the brands of our existing shops, finishing up the curation, consulting on their brand strategies, help with implementations, and more. 


What does this mean? Well, this has always been our plan from the beginning - it just happened to arrive a few months faster than anticipated. We will begin our next phase of business development very soon and will have some further announcements to make at the end of Q3 this year. We cannot wait to share what we are working on, but we still have a few details to polish. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our brands!

- wizz1er